4 Best IT Training Courses To Consider This Year

IT remains one of the fastest-growing careers in the industry and with the increasing demand for better technology, it is no surprise that IT training courses are popular among students. A career in this field opens a number of opportunities to the right individual with the right education and skills. Here are four of the best IT training courses to consider:

IT Security

A course in IT security prepares the student to learn how to strengthen and protect computers and networks against malicious attacks. With new malware threats mushrooming everyday, companies, organizations, and even private individuals will continue to demand stronger, more robust systems and software that will ensure the integrity of computers.

What to Expect: The number of jobs in this field is expected to grow to at least 3.5 million by 2021. Professionals in this field earn around $42,000 on the low end and around $156,000 on the high end of the salary spectrum.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has redefined how people do business, handle and share data, and use computers at a lower cost. For those who are trained in cloud computing, the possibilities for improvement and innovation are endless. Cloud computing requires professionals who understand the needs of the end users and are capable of building and maintaining IT infrastructure at a more affordable price.

What to Expect: The median salary for professionals in cloud computing is over $140,000 annually and expected to increase. Employer interest in individuals with good skills in cloud computing has increased 33%.

Networking Technology

A course in networking technology trains the student to build networks, analyze data, keep devices secure, and develop apps. The need for trained individuals continues to increase rapidly but the number of professionals in the field cannot quite match the demand. Companies and organizations, for example, continue to utilize technologies that need experts in networking. This is an excellent course for innovators and creative individuals.

What to Expect: Employment in networking technology is expected to grow by 6% from 2019 until 2026. Salary of professionals in this field is expected at around $75,000 to about $107,000 a year.

Big Data

A career in Big Data requires advanced education that combines a number of disciplines such as applied mathematics, operations research, statistics, and even economics. A professional in this field has to have knowledge and solid skills in advanced coding, programming, data warehousing, modeling, computational frameworks, and data mining. Big Data professionals also need good business knowledge, particularly analysts since they need to be able to interpret, sort, validate, and evaluate the data.

What to Expect: The average salary that big data professionals receive is around $114,000 annually. Demand for skilled professionals in this field is also expected to increase significantly over the next five years.

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