5 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Trucker Hat New

There’s no doubt that trucker hats are among the most stylish and versatile hats out there. So, they need the best care that you can give if you are looking to wear them for long. It’s very annoying to buy a trucker hat and get to wear it only once because it’s looking faded or has lost its shape after the first wash. While some trucker hat suppliers will promise you that the head accessory will serve you for longer, it’s up to you to ensure that this is the case.

You have to care for the hat right from the purchase. Here are the simple tips to use:

1. Dust Control

Dust can have a damaging effect on your trucker hat and since it’s often worn in the outdoors, it’s hard to avoid it. The best you can do is remove it before you clean the hat. You can use a lint remover or a masking tape to do it.

2. Pre-Treatment

When you are not using your trucker hat, it may get stained from prolonged storage under unconducive conditions. You need to pre-treat it using a fabric protector spray. The spray will protect it against sweat stain, fingerprint stain, and moisture damage.

3. Gentle Washing

The problem with most trucker hat owners is that they wash the accessories improperly. Some use warm water and harsh reagents. This damages the fabric and promotes fading. You need to use warm water and mild laundry soap.

Additionally, it is important to note that woolen trucker hats tend to shrink a bit with water, so dry cleaning them is your best bet. Cotton, polyester or a blend of the two are okay to wash in your washing machine. When using a washing machine, remember to put your hat in the tock rock and don’t add harsh detergents.

4. Natural Drying

You don’t have to put your trucker hat in a dryer to dry it after washing. The machine causes it to shrink. The best way to dry it is naturally under gentle sunny and windy conditions.

5. Proper Storage

Lastly, it’s necessary to properly store your trucker hat when not using it. The accessory should be kept away from direct sunlight, moisture, and dust. Preferably, keep it inside your closet.

You need to look after your trucker hat for it to look as new as you bought it—for long. Normally, it doesn’t go further than the above tips. They all what you need to reduce the number of calls that you make to your trucker hat suppliers.

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