6 Surefire Ways To Generate LinkedIn Leads Fast

According to a past report by Venture Harbor, 65 percent of businesses confirm that generating leads and traffic is their biggest challenge. If you have an online business, this shouldn’t come as a surprise because it is the reality! There is some good news though: marketers now have a lot more platforms that they can leverage to target potential customers and at the forefront is the use of social media.

When it comes to generating high-quality leads via social media, no platform can be compared to LinkedIn. It is understandable if you expected us to mention Facebook. Not in this case. In fact, more than 80% of the business to business leads that are generated via social media come from LinkedIn. This further shows you how powerful the platform is.

There is a catch though: many business owners don’t know how to effectively use LinkedIn to generate leads. Most of them spend too much time in the process and seldom see any tangible results. That’s frustrating enough and to save the situation, here are surefire ways you can leverage to getting LinkedIn leads fast.

Add connections to your network every day

Spend a minute or two every day and click the “connect” button on the great “People You May Know” list that LinkedIn makes available on your feed to broaden your network. And remember that everyone you meet with and talk to about business offline or in the course of the day should be a potential connection on LinkedIn.

Post Updates

Spend a few minutes a day to send an update or updates to your LinkedIn network. To make this even easier, share an article or a video that is relevant to your customers or business prospects. Alternatively, use the “Pulse” feature on the LinkedIn dashboard. Every time you post an update, you get displayed on the feed of your connections.

Join Groups

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn allows you to connect with people whom you share groups with. Use the groups as a targeted way of sharing insights, adding value to others, and generate more leads.

Making your first contact

While making your initial connection request, give people a reason why they should connect with you. What you put in your request message will largely determine your overall success. To come up with personalized messages, start by viewing the person’s profile so that you can know what’s important to them professionally or personally.

Engage In Dialogue

You need to establish an art dialogue and rapport with your new-found prospects so you can begin building relationships. You can do this by following up on your communication with a personalized ‘thank you’ message. In the message, start a connection and request nothing in return. For instance, you may complement your new connection for something that you found in their business, profile or just something that they’ve recently shared on LinkedIn.

Move conversations offline

Once you’ve done all these, you need to move the relationship and conversation to the next level. No relationship with potential clients should be kept solely on LinkedIn. Once you’ve established rapport, you need to begin building trust and providing value for your clients. It’s through this that you’ll begin to understand your prospects, know their challenges and offer a solution.


As you can see from the aforementioned tips, getting LinkedIn leads entail using simple processes. If you just spare your time to implement the above tips, you will definitely generate a lot of leads faster than you think.

The key to successful LinkedIn lead generation is consistency. Invest a little of your time every working day and hunt for leads—don’t try to work on getting leads 6 hours a day for 1 week then go dormant after that. Do it regularly—over a few months—and you see more prospects and referrals from this amazing platform.

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