Screen Mirroring allows you to display the screen of your smartphone or tablet on your TV to view your photos or videos on the latter. It can also be used to use apps on a big screen. Today, many connected TVs offer this function, which is sometimes hidden in the menus. But if it is useful to you, it is worth looking for a little, whatever the brand of your TV.

Again, access is only a few keys, without having to go through a computer, a smartphone or a box. The TV records your payment and you have access to it immediately. Your screen is no longer just live: it has become a real platform for interactive entertainment.

And of course, all this does not prevent you from turning on your box or your game console at any time. You just have the choice to make Smart TV box a supplement or your preferred platform.

Dedicated applications to download via Smart TV Box

Who says connected TV says personalized interface, dedicated to Internet access. Some brands, such as Philips, Sony or TCL, have opted for Android TV. As the name suggests, it is an operating system derived from Android, which can also be found in smartphones and tablets.

This implies that it is possible to download on its TV, applications specifically dedicated to Smart TV. There are apps like YouTube and hundreds of others. In addition to the apps dedicated to video entertainment, there are also services for music, or video games that are specially adapted to be played with a remote control. Finally, connoisseurs will be able to install the VLC app on their TV, to watch streaming videos stored on their PC.

And for other TV manufacturers? If they do not opt for Android TV, they have their own system. At LG, the interface operates Web OS, while Samsung uses Tizen. You do not know these interfaces? Do not panic . They are, in any case, very ergonomic, because thought for use on TV. On each TV, there is a catalog of applications to download, and there is something for everyone. And it is always the assurance of access to content that we are not used to seeing on traditional TV channels.

Another example: some brands, including Samsung and LG, have integrated into some of their models the ability to control the TV voice. This usually happens by the remote control, which has a microphone: no need to scream in your living room. Just talk normally to ask to change channels or launch a Smart TV Box application.

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