Animal transportation is serious business. It requires experienced and competent, animal-loving specialists who will accommodate your animal’s individual needs. Your pet deserves safe, secure, and comfortable transportation.

Relocating With Your Pet

If you are relocating, you will need to relocate with your pet. You can travel with your animal but it will have to be contained in a special kennel. Pet transportation is an intricate affair. You should not handle it all by yourself. The best thing to do is to outsource this activity to a company that has expert animal transporters.

Special Transportation

You cannot transport a pet the same way as humans. Animals need special transportation that caters for their unique needs. You will require a service that will custom make a transportation plan for your beloved pet.


The professionals involved will take time and access the condition of your pet. They will carefully plan for the journey. Contingencies may arise during the journey. When planning, specialists involved will try to think about possible eventualities.

You should offer information about your pet’s medical condition. This will make it easy to prepare for emergencies.

Transportation Kennel

For the identification of the most suitable kennel, an animal is measured. There is need for a kennel that is 6 inches longer and 6 inches higher than your pet measurements. Such a kennel will have adequate room for sitting up, laying down and turning around.

Planning for the kennel happens long before the journey. If no company official is involved in measuring your pet, make sure to provide accurate measurements. Failure to do so will result to additional charges if your pet ends up requiring a larger kennel size.


Every day, there is transportation of millions of animals. International animal transportation has stringent requirements. National and local transportation do not involve obtaining authorization from exports department. However, there is need for a certificate of good health signed by a licensed veterinarian. Proof of rabies vaccination is also required. You will have to sign a form authorizing emergency care if your pet becomes sick.

The Journey

A pet expert will come to your house, to pick your animal and place it in a kennel. A comfortable air-conditioned vehicle will carry kennels containing animals.

The journey may involve transportation of your animal with other animals. Mass transportation strictly involves the transportation of a manageable number of animals at one time. If you have chosen a special service, your pet will be the only animal in the van. Therefore, it will get 100% of the driver’s attention. This is the royal treatment your pet deserves.

Expert animal transportation requires expert handling and detailed planning. The utmost priority during transportation is the well-being of animals.

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