Car park lift systems were developed as a modern solution to common parking problems. In places that have this, people don’t need to park the cars themselves. Drivers and passengers get out of the car before machines move it to its slot. It can be fully or semi-automated. Below are some of the best benefits arising from this system:

Saves Space

In highly urbanized areas, space is at a premium and demand typically exceeds capacity. One solution is to stack multiple floors of parking space on top of each other but even that is incomplete. It is still wasteful due to the space allotted for driving lanes and walkways. The ceiling heights are also too high if you consider the typical car height. Even the parking slots tend to be too wide and too deep to account for driving limitations. The use of automated systems make these excesses a thing of the past. More vehicles fit within a given footprint.

Improves Security

One pleasant consequence of this system is the improvement in security for all the parked cars. Since they are stacked in lifts that are off-limits to people, there are no worries about theft or vandalism. It is alright to leave things inside as no one will ever find or touch them. You can enjoy a concert, a party, a game, a shopping spree, or any other event all day and night knowing that your car is safe and secure.

Reduces Chance of Damage

Parking lot damage is all too common. When you pack lots of cars in a tight space, they can bump into each other by accident quite frequently. Most of there are minor and drivers may not even notice the damage until they get home. Still, dents and scrapes can be annoying and expensive to fix. Automated lifts do not require driving to a parking spot so the chances of damage is minimal

Lower Power Requirements

Lifts are built for cars, not people. They don’t need 24/7 lighting and environmental controls. The cost of operation is lower due to the reduced power requirements. This should somehow often the power needed to bring the cars up and down.

Faster Construction

These systems can be completed faster than traditional car parks so developers save a lot of time and money. They can also begin serving guests right away and perhaps earn money through parking fees.

Car park lift systems is likely to be the future of parking.

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