If you are wondering why your co-workers keep talking about the best Prezi Presentations, please join the club and get acquainted.
Prezi is a tool for presentations that are used instead of conventional methods of making slides such as PowerPoint. As an alternative method to conventional slides, Prezi utilizes a single canvas that will let you zoom on different parts of the presentation to note the plans being propositioned on that given area.
When using Prezi presentations, you will notice that as an alternative to moving from one slide to the next and having a bored audience, presentations on Prezi will keep your audience very well engaged with the information you are trying to disseminate.
Here are some of the Prezi Presentations for 2020-01-12

Prezi Book

This Prezi book, titled, “Mastering Prezi for Business Presentations,” was written by Russell A.Williams. He wrote this as a way of promoting this book.
In this presentation, Russell used hyperlinks, audio, and video to show audiences of the presentation on how to use the mentioned features within Prezi.
At the end of this presentation, he encourages the audience to buy his book by clicking on provided links within the presentation

A Presentation on Presentations

This is a Prezi on making presentations on Prezi effectively. Within it, the presenter was able to walk audiences on how best to use the format on Prezi to creating presentations that would keep your audiences engaged.
To increase trustworthiness and dependability amongst his audience, the presenter littered his Prezi presentation with several examples and facts concerning it. This is one of the Prezi Presentations as it will guide you through the key features of any presentation, including invoking emotion and explaining a point.

The Magical Theory Of Relativity

This Prezi was created just to teach people the theory of relativity in a fun way. It was created by Petra Marjal.
To bring this Prezi to life, Petra Marjal used very simple color variations and illustrations drawn from day to day life experiences. There is also great formatting in this Prezi as all the headings use large fonts while the subheadings use smaller fonts.


This Prezi deserves an award just for being on this list of best Prezi Presentations 2020. It was presented by Maria Andersen to give examples of how the social media platform, Twitter can be utilized in education systems.
It explains what Twitter is and how it can be positively used. Maria Andersen used cartoons to bring her idea to life, which was quite creative.

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