Bug tracking software helps developers and product managers manage bugs in an organized manner. It connects with code repositories such as SVN, Git, and work order requests, which helps organizations create a standardized bug management strategy. Its main features include assigning statuses and priorities and creating a permanent record of bugs.

Bugzilla is a well-known open source bug tracking application:

If you’re looking for a bug tracking application for your company, you might want to look into Bugzilla. This popular open-source bug-tracking software is free and has a lightweight user interface. It also has an advanced search tool and a comprehensive reporting system. Users can create scheduled reports and charts and customize the reporting for various situations. It’s also extensible and works with many database backends.

Zoho Bug Tracker:

Zoho Bug Tracker is a feature-rich bug tracking application that provides real-time information about bugs in your project. The tool’s powerful bug management capabilities allow you to quickly involve all stakeholders and close bugs. It also helps you automate service level agreements (SLAs) and timesheets.


Asana is a bug tracking application that lets you easily create tasks and assign them to people. You can also assign a number to a task so that people can reference it anywhere. This can be useful for cross-disciplinary teams or web projects where the entire team needs to be involved. It is also helpful in project management, as you can organize tasks and search for them in Asana.

Pending Retest:

A bug tracking application has two types of bug states: Open and Pending Retest. Open bugs are bugs that developers have not yet fixed. These are identified during the testing phase and assigned to developers for resolution.


QuickBugs is a bug-tracking software that allows developers to quickly and efficiently INVESTIGATE bugs and track them through a workflow. It also allows testers to quickly generate bug reports and verify that problems have been corrected. This bug tracking software is highly customizable and allows for workflow management, access control, and reporting capabilities.


BugHerd is a visual feedback tool for websites. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to record and report website errors and bugs. As a result, it helps developers improve their websites and improve user experience.

In conclusion,if you’re looking for a bug tracking application that offers enough features and flexibility to meet your needs, our top picks are definitely worth considering. Each of them has its own unique features that will make managing your bugs a breeze. So whatever your bug tracking needs may be, one of these applications should definitely fit the bill!

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