A craft display stand can keep your works organized and presentable. These are great to use inside craft rooms and out there on craft shows. They can make the pieces easy to see for buyers who may be interested in making a purchase. Just note that there are different types of stands with each being suitable for various kinds of crafts. You should check out what’s available in the market to determine what would suit your works best. You can also look into what your friends are using and get something similar. Below are the most popular types:

Metal Grids

These are plain flat metal grids that are propped up vertically by a wider base. The squares on the grid pattern are about two inches on each side but this could be smaller or bigger depending on the exact product. The simplicity of this stand makes it incredibly versatile. You can use hooks and place these anywhere for the proper spacing for whatever you wish to display. This can work well for stuffed toys, bags, home d├ęcor, and anything else that is on the lighter side. The objects should not be fragile as shoppers may drop items on the floor if they are not careful.

Tier Racks

Racks are better for the more fragile items because they offer better safety and security in this type of container. The stand could have any number of tiers with three being the most common. Smaller ones may be placed on a table while bigger ones can be placed on the ground. Use this for items that are housed in bottles like crafts beers, wines, and fragrances. You can also place crystals, pottery, and glassware in these types of racks. Those who are into make food items should also find these useful.

Hooked Racks

These are similar to the metal grids except that they already come with their own hooks. These may be fixed or customizable. In any case, settings them equidistant to each other makes them look more organized than otherwise. Inside a craft room, these can be perfect for holding tools and materials that are frequently used. Outside in craft display stand, there are be used to hold smaller items such as keychains, hair clips, wrist bands, earrings, and the like. They are also made up of metal wires with an extended base. Smaller ones are perfect for countertop display. Bigger ones might offer a combination of hooks on top and shelves below to accommodate different items.

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