Trolleys can be used as food service carts, utility carts, and so on. You will often see them in hotels and restaurants going to and from the kitchen. They carry dishes and drinks ready to be served to eager guests. Stainless steel is the material of choice due to its durability, ease of maintenance, strength, and appearance. Here’s how you might want to choose your own stainless steel trolley:


Consider the size of the trolley in relation to your corridors. You will want it to be narrow enough that two can fit side by side in a corridor with room to spare for other people. Although it might be tempting to go wide, you might be creating a bottleneck along the way. Of course, it can’t be too narrow for your needs. It should be big enough to carry the items you need to transport in substantial quantities. A width of 30 to 50 cm is usually adequate for this type of application.

Tray Capacities

Trays differ in their design and capacities. Some are nothing more than straight sheets which are optimized for sideways access. These are great for bringing stacks of plates to a meeting room for setting the tables. You need to be careful with the load since the items can spill easily. Others are deep enough to carry random items and are often used to collect plates and glasses after a meal. Make sure that the trays have the right capacity in terms of volume and strength. Some have reinforced frames for better load handling.


They generally have castor wheels that allow the trolley to move in any direction. These wheels should be big enough to handle the weight of the trolley and its contents. Bigger sizes also help in rolling with ease and distributing the weight. If you want to be precise about it, then add the weight of the trolley and the load before dividing these by four to know the perfect wheels and their ideal load capacities.


You will see trolleys with molded-in handles which are usually horizontal. These are great if you are after durability and seamless design. On the other hand, they can be difficult to use at length. Vertical handles can also be found in trolleys that have high load capacities. These are good for users of different heights and can be better if the job requires pushing the cart for several hours each day.

Find the right stainless steel trolley for better results.

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