The fastest-growing cosmetic medical appliance, even though many won’t admit it is a medical device is the Colored Contacts and whether the people that wear them, the medical professionals or even the supplier agree with it or not, it is here to stay for quite a while to come, so let us have a look at some Pros and CONS:


1: EASILY OBTAINABLE: because of the variety of this product that is in design, color, shape and even availability it still seems to have one thing in common and that is abundance. This has proven an advantage for the buyer has it removed the monopoly which can be a negative control on any product on any market anytime especially something so unique as Colored Contacts. So with this in mind, we can think if there are so many out there supplying it can only mean one thing, where can get what we want.

2: MEDICALLY BACKED: at first because of so many online suppliers with no grounds or background to checkup on and just supplying left-right and center the medical professionals were not so keen to back them but with them getting involved for the clients safety sake a this is still a medical device even though cosmetic and suppliers now abiding with them and the added increase of financial gain for medical professionals they are now working together to get you the client a safer and more secure product as remember you are inserting this into the body’s most sensitive and valuable asset, your eye

3: SO FAMOUS: because of more and more film artists and actors using these Colored Contacts because of the new sci-fi market for movies it has become the famous thing to do, especially amongst pop stars which in turn makes the general fans want it to which in turns increases sales.

4: NOT TABOO ANYMORE: because it is more freely available and back by some medical professionals it is More widely acceptable to use for anything and anywhere even as a non-fashion item eg. just for a change in daily look

5: COST EFFECTIVE: because of the daily availability not only the combination and Colored Contacts and the wigs that goes with these anime characters that started this, but it has also kept the costs down.


RIP OFFS: because of the demand we will find those who will rip you off and sell you a bad product which might not be good for you health, so always check up on your supplier/retailer

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