Disposable Colored contacts were introduced the very first time in 1987. They revolutionized the whole fashion industry from that era. They have been popular for more than 32 years, and still, people rely on them. Through them, they change their facial look and appeal instantly. Some use them to add an element of style into their personal life during special occasions while others consider them a must for festive occasions like Halloween.

What are disposable Color Lenses?

As the name tells you the whole story, it’s a kind of contact that can be disposed of after use. There are three different types of them. The first is daily-disposable, the second is weekly, and the third one is monthly. In case you want to use a specific color lens for more than a month, you need to spend more money.

One-Day Lenses- These lenses come in individual packaging, making them quite more effortless to use than daily-wear contacts. It would be best if you used a new lens every day. People like to get them as they are convenient. You don’t need to set a specific cleaning schedule for them as you use and throw them out, thereby no chance of lens buildup. They come in sealed packaging where the lenses are dissolved in a sterile solution whose properties match natural tears.

Once you tear down its seal, then they dry out in less than fifteen hours. It’s advisable to unpack them when you want to use them, else keep them as they are. When you buy one-buy colored lenses, please don’t use them for a prolonged time. Else they will reduce oxygen to the cornea causing some eye infection. As they are available with basic prescriptions, therefore both teens and kids can go for them.

Weekly Lenses — When you plan to use lenses longer than a day, go with weekly lenses. Most of them stay useful for up to two weeks; you must have to discard them after that time. They are thicker than one-day lenses, therefore less prone to tearing and infection. They always come up with a solution. You need to clean them and change their solution every other day to remain good for use for up to two weeks.

Monthly Contacts – Many girls belong to the fashion industry, and they have specific requirements of style and persona. Therefore, they spend money on monthly colored contacts. These lenses are designed to be work for at least 30 days. It would be best to clean them with a solution every night, so there is no lens buildup, and your eyes don’t catch any infection.

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