You can use an eyeliner pencil for Eyebrow Tattooing Miami Beach. it is easy to create false eyebrows with makeup if they are thinned, using products that are probably already in your possession, you can fill in the gaps or generally make your look a little ‘more load. You can also buy products specifically designed for eyebrows. With a little practice, you will become an expert in filling techniques that can become part of your daily beauty routine. The result is a more defined eye, which makes you look more alert and even younger.

Sensitive: a compact glue, to the right point (not dense), deep black. The amount that is taken with this adhesive is slightly greater than the liquid glues, but with the right surface it adheres perfectly. Drying in suitable environment.

Bonding: an adhesive with a medium liquid consistency, with a grayish black color. It adheres perfectly in a few moments, it is advisable to make a mini spread, to spread it better and not to make it visible to the eye.

Ultra Super: it is a fairly compact glue (not dense), with a grayish-black color. It is a very fast adhesive, almost instantaneous, and its use is recommended for experts with many years of experience, or for professionals working in environments with very low humidity. It is an ideal glue for all the techniques.

Attention: if you can not spread the glue correctly, the latter risks drying out on the way (between the jade stone and the natural eyelash), and consequently, only adheres to some points and does not last long.

The duration of Eyebrow Tattooing Miami Beach depends on various subjective factors that vary greatly from one individual to another. Put powder on top of your eyebrows. You can use compact powder or mineral makeup powder. Although the addition of this substance may seem counter-intuitive, as it gives light, the powder layer forms a base that helps applied products to last all day.

Select two eyeliner and eyebrow pencils: one pencil should match the hair color, and the other should be two lighter shades. Soft pencils work much better than other types. Pencil the pencils before starting.

Make short strokes with the lighter pencil: start with the inside of the forehead, closer to the nose. Following the direction of hair growth, proceed to the outer edge. Repeat the operation for the other side.

Create a bow with the darkest pencil. Make short strokes, as before, adding color to the inside of the eyebrows, which is naturally the largest part. Alternate carefully with light pencil marks.

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