Mechanics is a point of reference for anyone who needs professional services for every vehicle, from ordinary car maintenance to more specific interventions, aimed at constantly ensuring safe driving and comfortable journeys. The validity of the services offered by the workshop is also guaranteed. The same applies to Car Park Lift Systems.

This network of car and tire service centers is present in over 17 countries and today represents the most important and vast chain in the sector. Thanks to this collaboration, Mechanics is able to offer its customers Master Check-Up, twelve 360 degrees car checks, totally free, to prevent or diagnose any defects or problems.

Check the condition of the shock absorbers and the suspension system every 100,000 km: in this way you can avoid the occurrence of annoying problems.

Check the car battery to avoid problems while driving. Check the status and, if necessary, request a replacement. Mechanics changes the oil in accordance with the times indicated by the vehicle manufacturer. Use only the best brands of products.

When the car’s air conditioner is not working well, you may experience unpleasant odors or perceive the emission of air at inadequate temperatures. Car Park Lift Systems ensure maximum convenience for vehicle owners.

The staff of Mechanics performs accurate electronic diagnoses, able to monitor the actual status of the vehicle. Request support. Make your brakes and the entire braking system of your car be checked regularly so as to guarantee safe and relaxing journeys to you and your passengers.

Mechanics is an auto overhaul center, where you submit your vehicle to the checks required by law. The exhaust system should be checked regularly to reduce the output of gas, lower the temperature and make annoying noises disappear.

By regularly carrying out the coupon you can diagnose in time the onset of mechanical or electrical anomalies. Regularly carrying out checks on the wiper blades allows you to get optimal driving visibility and safe travel even in bad weather.

When your car’s lights don’t guarantee you an optimal view in the dark, it’s time to request the headlight polishing service at Mechanics. Mechanics allows you to sanitize your car by removing bacteria, mites and unpleasant odors from the passenger compartment. Request the service to enjoy a healthier environment.

Mechanics provides you with a courtesy car, eliminating all the inconveniences that arise when your car is being repaired.
If you run the coupon of your new car at Mechanics, your warranty with the parent company will remain unchanged since the workshop only uses original spare parts.

Mechanics guarantees each customer an efficient extraordinary maintenance service, which is also possible thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment in the workshop.

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