Professional requirements are important. By law, condominium administrators must have at least a high school diploma but not only that, must also possess a certificate that demonstrates the attendance of a basic course for certification and annual refresher courses that, once again by law, the administrator must follow. Last, but not least, those who want to administer a building must not have any criminal conviction behind it, let alone be protested.

Certified administrators. According to the provisions of Law, associations are authorized to issue a certification attesting to the possession of the necessary professional requirements by the administrator. The Singapore Luxury Condos association is legally responsible for this certification that must be produced by the interested party to condominium together with the appointment.

Do not choose just because it is the cheapest. Sometimes it is believed that the cheapest administrator is the best way to save on the expenses of the condominium, but almost always it is not so, in fact the chapter of expenditure on administration is generally not among the most exaggerated items of a condominium budget.

Therefore it is clear that a request for a fee that is too low is not always the best; on the contrary, it can conceal big pitfalls, such as the technical lack of preparation of the administrator, who will do more damage than anything else.

Also, do not be fascinated by the registration with one or the other association of condominium administrators, this is not a guarantee of preparation, very often those who are not able to boast titles to administer condominium emphasize their registration with this or that association of condominium administrators, as if providing the title of good administrator.

The Singapore Luxury Condos administrator must not have privileged relationships with some companies, except for small jobs or urgent interventions: a good administrator invites condominiums to bring estimates and guides them, during the condominium meeting, in the choice of the firm or the professional. A possible refusal of the administrator would cause suspicion as he could have a personal interest in choosing external companies.

An administrator goes personally and periodically to the condominium for inspections. The administrator communicates his telephone availability, the time of receipt, the organization of replacement in the absences. Mainly in case of emergency, condominium must be able to rely on a trustworthy person, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

At the end of the mandate, the administrator must request a formal confirmation of the appointment, convening the meeting of condominium, allowing the condominiums to examine and evaluate the matter.

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