Hiring A Fort Lauderdale Mold Expert

Have you noticed a mold problem in your home, office or any other property? You are wondering if you should call a professional Fort Lauderdale mold expert. Is it necessary to hire a mold professional to remove mold from the affected parts of your property? Mold experts are called for various purposes.

Do You Need Mold Testing at Your Property?

Sometimes you need this service but at other times it is an unnecessary expense. You do not need any mold testing if you can see visible and obvious mold on the surfaces of walls, floors and ceilings. Do not waste your money on buying mold testing kits sold at the hardware stores. It is better to go for professional mold testing services which give you a more accurate picture of the places with mold. It is a toxic material and affects the health of residents. It can damage large parts of structural items. Do not underestimate its destructive power. So when do you need professional mold testing? It is needed if the mold is not visible but present under the surface. You notice plumbing leaks and suspect elevated level of mold behind the walls. You need professional mold testing service in these conditions.

Should You Call a Mold Remediation Team?

You should always call a professional mold removal team to remove it. It is a specialized job that must be done wearing proper protective gears. Special tools and equipment are needed during this process. Sometimes, parts of the structural items like walls and floors are completely broken and removed if mold has spread extensively and rooted deeply. It is a laborious and time consuming process so leave this job to professional mold experts.

Expert Services for Mold Inspection, Assessment and Testing

A Fort Lauderdale mold expert uses thermal imaging camera to inspect the walls for presence of moisture. The expert can detect the level of moisture at these places. In the next step, high risk areas are identified. When the assessment report is complete, you may have to go for a mold test which requires collecting mold samples and sending it to a laboratory for analysis. For residential homes, you can avoid this step and go straight to the mold removal process. The testing process is useful for commercial buildings where owners can be held liable for compensation claims arising due to unsanitary and unhygienic conditions caused by mold.

Mold experts are also hired by legal firms to help with environmental, medical and legal cases. Make sure the expert you have hired for this purpose is certified and licensed to operate in this field.

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