How And Why To Apply For The Roadworthy Certificate In Queensland

In Queensland, the law that governs road usage is in full effect. As an owner of a car, a truck, a trailer or a motorcycle, you need to observe all the legal requirements when planning to put up your automobile for sale. The law demands that you prove that your vehicle is roadworthy at the time of advertising. Therefore, you will be expected to avail a Roadworthy Certificate when selling your car, truck, or motorbike.

What is a Roadworthy Certificate?

A Roadworthy Certificate is a legal document that every vehicle owner who wants to sell his or her car (or plans to register) needs to have. The document also applies to motorbikes. Prior to advertising the vehicle, it’s mandatory in Queensland to display the document so as not to risk a fine. The certificate covers 2,000km, and it’s valid for 2 months from the time of applying. There are some exemptions from this requirement though—for instance, sales between car dealers or in very remote areas.

The Roadworthy Certificate in QLD is issued by the Approved Inspection Stations (or AIS). The stations include workshops, garages, and service stations in QLD that are certified by Department of Transport and Main Road (or DTMR). There are also mobile inspection points in Queensland that are DTMR-approved that issue the certificate. The mobile inspections allow Approved Mobile Units to inspect your vehicle either at home, office, or wherever it may be located.

What’s the Importance of the Roadworthy Certificate?

Legally, you cannot sell a used car, truck, trailer or motorbike without the Roadworthy Certificate. The document not only covers you from paying a hefty fine but it also enables you to sell your vehicle fast. The Roadworthy Certificate in QLD is used to assess whether your vehicle has met the basic standards to be used on the roads. However, this does not mean that the vehicle is perfect. For example, a vehicle that leaks oil and has no other defect may not pass the inspection but the law allows you up to 14 days to fix the mess. Once your car is repaired, you can demand a re-inspection. After your vehicle passes the evaluation, you can sell it. Additionally, when you are registering an unregistered vehicle or transferring it from one state to another in Australia, you need a Roadworthy Certificate.


Generally, you need the Roadworthy Certificate to sell or re-register a car, truck or motorbike in QLD. The document proves the suitability of your vehicle on the roads. If you approach a DTRM-certified inspection office in Queensland, you’ll be able to register the Roadworthy Certificate for your car and put it up for sale.

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