Anywhere trading, secure connections, multiple Expert Advisors (EAs), minimal delays — these are just some of the things that a forex virtual private server promises. But, what exactly is a forex VPS? It’s a physical server that’s segmented into small virtual servers that operate independently. The small servers have their own operating systems and memory. Some of the benefits of VPS servers include more disk space, CPU, and RAM, increased performance (as having your allotment of resources gives you and your visitors an opportunity to enjoy fast load times) and stability (traffic and activity of other VPS customers will seldom adversely affect your operations).

Today, there are so many forex VPS service providers. So, you should first check their rating before you can subscribe. Generally, a forex VPS rating is done based on the following parameters.


The best forex VPS needs to be flexible with different Expert Advisors. EAs are responsible for sending forex trade orders to a trading station (a MetaTrader). Though different VPS services have different virtualization capabilities, the best ones are compatible with multiple EAs.


Automation is not a must for all forex VPS services. However, its availability is a plus. It allows you to continue trading even when you are not sited before your computer. This includes during a power outage.

Speed, Latency, and Bandwidth

At a minimum, your VPS should have 1Gbps speed. It also needs to have a fair speed of execution (what we call latency). As for the bandwidth, it’s supposed to be sufficient to support a 24/7 running of the Expert Advisers.


It can be hard to send some orders to brokers. Each second wasted is equivalent to financial loss and it’s what we call slippage. Cutting on slippage is critical for private servers. Thus, those with reduced slippage are highly rated.


Uptime, the time gap between the last functioning of a computer server and its reboot, is a crucial consideration. Your virtual private server shouldn’t be going off more often as this equals financial loss. Thus, it’s recommended to consider a minimum uptime of 99.99%.

Data Security

It’s paramount that a forex VPS is secure. It shouldn’t be vulnerable to data theft or virus attack. Additionally, it should be inspected and maintained by its hosting company more regularly to boost its security.


Understanding how forex VPS rating is done is critical to finding the best virtual private server for your forex trading. A good VPS is expected to score highly on the above parameters. So, make sure you put the parameters into perspective before you can subscribe to a forex VPS.

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