How To Design An Irresistible Food Truck Menu Board

There’s no doubt that food trucks are a growing trend in Jacksonville. If in doubt, just walk around the streets on a weekend and watch out to see how many food trucks will pass by. You’ll notice so many of them. This is because they are the first choice when it comes to social functions and corporate events. In addition, food trucks Jacksonville are ideal for providing mobile food services for all kind of workers who can’t afford to eat at luxurious food joints or those who just want a quick bite where they are.

If you are running this kind of business, you need to put more emphasis on your menu. Since it’s the first thing that the customers will take an interest in before making an order, it has to be irresistible. To help you out, here are some ideas to use:

1. Highlight Favorite Dishes

What are your favorite food items? You need to highlight them so that or potential customers can take notice. The easiest way to do this is to leave some space at the center or the upper right corner of your menu board. It should be occupied by your favorite dishes.

2. Include a Popular Meal

You may be new in the US but this doesn’t mean that you should disregard the interests of the locals. Therefore, you need to include an item that’s popular locally even if it’s not your favorite dish. Great options include fries, salads, and burgers. You probably want to add a popular meal that relates to your food truck concept. Well, it is understandable but it is never a bad idea to add a meal that most locals are used to because you never who is going to order food from your food truck—the popular dish might stand out to them.

3. Only List Key Items

You should only list a few main dishes on your menu. Don’t make it overwhelming for the customer by jamming the menu board with so many items that you may not be offering. Besides, when the items are many on the menu, a passerby will strain to identify them.

4. Make it Easy to Update

Since food prices fluctuate in prices so often in Jacksonville, the board for your menu should allow updating whenever necessary. This will ensure that your pricing is close to that of other food truck Jacksonville all the time.

Generally, it’s all about going the extra mile for your food truck customers if you are planning to win them. When your menu is irresistible, you are almost guaranteed that your customers will order what they see. With the above ideas, this is possible.

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