If you’re looking for a good meal for under $10, Sydney has plenty of great options. Try Per Kilo Latino or Pho Tau Bay. There are specials on certain days of the week, but you can still find some fantastic dishes at a reasonable price. Ryo’s Noodles and Harry’s are two other excellent places to try. The menus change daily, so call ahead.

Here are some good options for Cheap Eats Sydney.

Per Kilo Latino

If you’re on a budget and looking for some cheap eats in Sydney, try Per Kilo Latino. Located in Neutral Bay, this Mexican restaurant serves up modern share-style Mexican street food with Latin American spices. Their menu features such dishes as seared tuna tostadas, ocean trout ceviche, and Baja fish tacos. They’re perfect for lunch or for any occasion, including family celebrations.

Pho Tau Bay

If you’re on a budget, head to Pho Tau Bay for some classic Vietnamese dishes. This unassuming eatery has been around for decades. You’ll be rewarded with classic Vietnamese dishes, served with a smile. Try the pho, or Vietnamese noodle soup, which is excellent for sharing. If you’re craving a more authentic experience, visit Pho Tau Bay, a restaurant located in the heart of Sydney’s Chinatown.

Ryo’s Noodles

Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious bowl of ramen or a wholesome chicken soup, there are many cheap eats in Sydney that offer traditional Japanese fare. Cozy Japanese Restaurant has been a local favorite for years, and the menu here is packed with delicious dishes, including chicken soup, ramen, and rice dishes. There’s also a large vegetarian section for those who want to cut back on their carbon footprint.


One of the most iconic places for cheap eats in Sydney is Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, a popular hangout for the locals. The menu offers Aussie fare such as pies and gravy, sausage rolls, and hot dogs. This Sydney institution has been around for many years and offers good eats at low prices. You can eat there for breakfast or lunch or grab a takeaway order.

Yang’s Dumplings

You can pick up a few dumplings from Sydney’s thriving dumpling scene by visiting Yang’s Cafe, which has been a popular spot since its opening in 2002. Other dumpling joints can be found in Ashfield and Haymarket, where you can order a range of delicious steamed or fried items. Another popular item to try is the momos, a traditional dumpling originating in Nepal. You can choose to have them filled with ground meat or vegetables, as well as paneer or soft chhurpi.

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