How To Maintain Your Eye Colored Contacts

Do you dispose of your eye colored contacts daily? If not, learn the basics of proper lens care. That will help maintain healthy eyes. Failing to take care of your colored contacts appropriately can result in serious eye infections. Here is a guide from an eye care specialist on how to correctly care for your eye colored contact lenses.

Contacts handling

Never wear or take out your contact lenses with wet hands. Always ensure your hands are properly cleaned with soap and water and dried before you touch your lenses. Wear your lenses first before putting on the makeup and removing makeup.

But before wearing the lens, place it on your index finger and examine it for tear or wreckage. If it’s in perfect shape, place it appropriately in the center of your eye. The contact lens should feel comfortable. If it irritates the eye, adjust it until it fits correctly.


Do not clean your lenses using water or wipe them with saliva, as they contain harmful microorganisms. This can lead to infections and eventually damage your eyesight. That explains why it’s advised you take off your lenses before swimming or bathing. There is a specialized solution for cleaning, disinfecting, and storing contact color lenses.

There are various disinfectant solutions for different types of contacts. To ensure you buy the right cleaning solution for your colored lenses, check the product label or consult your doctor. It’s also vital to clean the lens case thoroughly and always fill it with a fresh solution. Remember, the case should be replaced after every three months. Where it’s hard to find the solution for your type of contacts, get a multi-purpose one.


Like the standard contacts, colored lenses should not be worn for long. Follow your doctor’s recommendations. Also, don’t sleep, shower, or swim with your lenses on. If you fail to remove your contacts while sleeping, your eyes will dry out, while water may cause severe eye infections.
Don’t allow anyone to wear your lenses. During the first days, you’re likely to feel slight discomfort when putting on the contact lenses. But if you ever experience blurred vision, eye irritations or pain, light flashes, you should stop wearing your contacts and consult your doctor immediately.

Caring for your eye colored contacts is no different from how you’d care for normal lenses. Follow these hints, and you’ll have no issues with your contacts. Adhere to the regular checkups as scheduled by your eye specialist.

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