How To Make Handmade Macaron Ottawa Like A Pro

Are you looking for the perfect quarantine baking project? Well, handmade macaron Ottawa is just the thing for you. With a variety of recipes available, the possibilities for filling are endless. However, the most challenging task is achieving the appropriate consistency as well as the presentation of your macaron shells. Here are vital tips on how to make the perfect macarons.

Weight the Ingredients

This may seem fussy, but it’s the best way of getting consistent results, particularly when baking. The weighing can be done using digital scales, which are super affordable these days.

Grind the Powdered Sugar and Almond Flour

With many people skipping this step, it is vital to ensure that your dry constituents are perfectly fine. This ensures that macaron shells attain proper smooth texture. To be extra sure that your dry ingredients do not have even the tiniest lumps, after grinding using a food processor, you can sift them using a fine mesh strainer onto a bowl.

Separate the Eggs in Advance

The egg whites will undoubtedly whip up more efficiently if you choose to separate the egg whites from the yolk a day or two in advance. After which they should be appropriately stored in the fridge. The yolk will not have any use in the recipe but can be used for other purposes like blender hollandaise.

Settle for Gel Food Coloring

For brightly colored shells, just like those seen in patisseries windows, settle for denser gel food coloring. This is because too much liquid will make the batter thin therefore compromising the structure of your cookies. Also, make use of more than the needed gel since the bright hue will certainly fade once the meringue is added.

Create a Template for Uniformly Macarons

To assist you in piping, inform macarons, you can use a small rounded cookie cutter with a black marker for tracing circles. For proper results when piping the macarons, you have to place the template beneath the parchment with the rings acting as a guide.

Let the Shells Properly Dry Out

Giving the piped shells enough time to dry is vital in bringing out that perfect shape. The pans have to sit on your counter for at least an hour before being baked. Neglecting this leads to steam erupting and cracking the tops of your shells, meaning you will have cracked macarons.

Never be Afraid of Creativity

In regards to flavor combination, your imagination should have no boundaries. This is where you have the chance to use almost anything you like, from jam to lemon curd when sandwiching your shells together.

Remember, the result doesn’t have to be perfect the first time. Making the best handmade macaron Ottawa takes time. However, with the above tips, you have a higher chance of better results.

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