Standing desks have become popular over the years as people discovered that they can be more productive and creative when they work upright instead of sitting down. Several models are available for those who want to optimize their time. It should be no surprise this phenomenon gave rise to another kind of furniture called the standing desk chair. After all, standing for long periods can take a toll on the legs and feet. Having something to sit on for support while still being mostly upright sounds like a good compromise. Below are some considerations when picking a standing desk chair:

Seat Design

They come in different shapes and sizes though most will have a backless or semi-backless design. They look more like stools except that they have a softer seat that those you will usually see at bars. Users are encouraged to stand, after all, while using the chair for temporary reprieves. Some are flat while others have curves to conform to the shape of our legs and bottoms. Look for something that has ample cushioning to make it tolerable to sit on for long periods, should you want to do so.

Height Range

Mass-produced furniture are meant to be used by the majority of people. That means those who fall into the range of average heights within the general population. Those who may be shorter or taller than most can have a hard time looking for one that fits them. Fortunately, these chairs are made to be adjustable as you need to be able to get it up or down as you adjust the table. Find a height range that works well for you. It can take a bit of searching but you should be able to find a perfect match.

Load Capacity

Lastly, you should take note of the chair’s load capacity. You should feel stable when sitting for support. The base should be wide enough and sturdy enough to stay put when you move around. It should not seem like you will be toppling over anytime soon. When you adjust to the fullest height, it should be able to stay up instead of falling back down due to your weight. This would be too frustrating. Check out the stated load capacity and read user reviews to see if this holds true. Note their comments on the durability of the product.

Complete the experience by finding a standing desk chair that complements your office desk.

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