How To Wear A Vinyl Catsuit The Right Way

Catsuits are “in” right now but wearing them can be a little tough as form-fitting vinyl catsuits can reveal body flaws. So here are a few rules that can make or break a catsuit.
• Proper support wear: Visible panty lines are a definite sartorial error. We recommend seamless underwear that provides support but remains invisible. Almost every brand now carries designs and shapes that you can choose according to the type of catsuit you have selected.
Accessories: Heels are a definite requirement. Catsuits lengthen the leg profile and wearing heels will just ensure that you get the maximum “oomph” appeal possible. Stay away from wedges, square heels, and clogs as they tend to create the impression of a thick heel and ankle. If you aren’t sure about the type of heels to wear, look at top models like Bella Hadid and Heidi Klum who nail the look every time. Apart from heels, belts are a complete must. Use both wide and thin belts to accentuate your waist and create a lengthier illusion.
Layer: Layering can make even the drabbest outfit into a glam-do. We recommend blazers, scarves, belts, and even loose off-shoulder breathy blouses that will dress up or dress down your catsuit. Try to pick colors that match. For example, a dark pink catsuit will pair beautifully with a cream blouse and black heels while a floral catsuit will pair wonderfully with a light rose-colored blazer. Mix and match until you find the perfect combination for day and nightwear.
Colors: Wear a solid single color catsuit and cover up with a clashing or toned cover-up. You will also get printed vinyl catsuits with dots, stripes, and even ombre effects; but a word of caution, they do not suit everybody and require a ton of confidence to pull off.
• Length: Either go the full length or cut off the catsuit at the knees. A mid-length catsuit does not suit everyone. This is particularly important if you are short. Choose a jumpsuit that hits the top of your feet and shows the tips of your shoes. A longer version will just puddle around your feet making you look heavier. Make sure the suit fits your torso as properly as possible.

A loose fit makes you lose waist definition while a too-tight version will create an unfortunate camel-toe illusion.

We hope these tips help you wear your favorite vinyl catsuit with confidence. Do keep an eye on our articles on “how-tos” for other major seasonal trends.

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