Countless workers spend their days in front of their monitors. Their setup can greatly affect their posture, their health, and their productivity. For many, relying on the standard monitor base is not enough. They need the flexibility of an adjustable monitor arm to find the right height and distance for different users and activities. For example, they might want to sit straight and focus when working but would rather lean back and put their feet up when watching a movie. Adjustable arms excel in this adaptability. If you are on the market for one, then consider the Humanscale M2.1 monitor arm.

Sleek, High-quality Design

Just one look at this product and you will know that it isn’t the typical monitor arm. The design looks sleek with precision engineering and no sharp edges. It’s an all metal arm with robust hinges and strong tubes. There is even a rubberized cable management system that hides the wires while directing them where they need to go. Movements are smooth and precise which provides confidence for the user. Indeed, the warranty for the Humanscale M2.1 is 15 years.

Compatible with Traditional Desks

You won’t have to purchase a special desk just to get this to work. It is compatible with traditional desks as well as newer sit/stand workstations. It can serve you no matter what position you would like to use. Place it high or low. Take it near or far. It will comply without complaints.

Load Capacity of 15lbs

The manufacturer suggests a safe load capacity of 15lbs which is more than enough for most monitors. This is especially true now that display hardware is getting lighter and thinner. It should be able to hold 24-inch screens with ease. Even some 32-inch screens may be possible. Check the monitor specs to see their weights.

Easy Installation

Installation is quick and easy with the included base clamp. It is possible to complete even without experience. Just place it at the far edge of the desk. Let the links and mount snap together. Tighten the clamp by rotating the screw until the base becomes sturdy. You can finish it in less than a minute.

Multiple Adjustment Points

With M2.1, you can place the monitor higher in case you want your laptop screen to be directly below it. You can also put it lower if that makes you more comfortable. Pull the screen closer if you need to take a good look at something or keep it back to reduce eyestrain. You can also rotate the screen to switch from landscape to portrait mode.

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