Key Things To Consider When Looking For A Contact Lens Color

Contact lens color you have decided to enhance your looks with colored contact lenses. Now all you need to do is choose the color. There are several key factors to consider when choosing contact lens color, so take your time to go through the various aspects and soon you will have the perfect lens for you.

The first thing to decide is what you would like color enhancing or full color lenses. The color-enhancing lens works by highlighting a colour that you already have — for example, you have pale blue eyes that you sometimes feel look a little washed out. Through using color enhancing lenses you can pick out the shade of blue you would like and suddenly your eyes sparkle.

In contrast, the full color lenses give you a totally different color, so you can choose to go from blue to brown, blue to violet or choose some more daring colours such as pink or even opaque!

Regardless of the color, the lenses come in various types of tints. The visibility tint is designed to do just that — make it easy to see if you drop it and whilst inserting. There is a very faint green or blue tiny added for this purpose and this colour has no impact on the eye colour chosen.

An enhancement tint on the other hand is a tint that affects eye color, building on your natural color to make them deeper and more vibrant. It should be noted that this type of lens can only be used to enhance your natural color and will not change your eye to a new color.

If you look closely at our eye, you will notice that the iris (the coloured part) is not simply one color but made up of spots, lines, and a combination of colours. A blending tint lens uses this information to make a more natural new eye color with strong tints from the outside in.

The most drastic tint is the opaque tint. This tinted lens completely changes the color of your eyes so a brown-eyed person can change totally to pale blue etc. This is also the type of lens that can be used for fancy dress with various kinds of drastic styles on offer to help change you into a vampire or robot etc.

Overall, colored contact lenses offer a great simple and easy way to change your look. So do not delay — shop today and all too soon, you can have the eye color you always dreamt of.

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