Acuvue is one of the leading names in contact lenses with decades in the industry. Its products feature some of the best technologies developed for eyewear. Oasys Acuvue contact lenses feature 1-day and 2-week options for a wide variety of eye conditions. Doctors often prescribe them to beginners and experienced contacts users alike. This brand offers the following advantages:

Superior Comfort

One of the biggest issues when wearing contacts is eye dryness. This can make all-day use a challenge, especially for people who are not used to them. Acuvue infuses their lenses with moisture to help people stay comfortable throughout the day. They also create invisible edges which prevent irritation. You could try their lenses to feel the difference between them and other options.

Reliable UV Protection

A lot of people choose to wear contacts for their outdoor activities so they won’t have to worry about their bulky eye glasses falling off. One thing that they might miss from the switch is protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The Oasys Acuvue family of products are able to provide significant UV protection so you don’t have to worry about it. Just have fun with your friends whether you are hiking or playing field sports.

Blink Stabilization

You can find contacts in this line that are designed to keep the lenses in place. If you often have trouble with positioning while wearing other contacts, then see whether the problem is minimized by switching to Acuvue. This should result in stable vision throughout the day. Everything will look clear and consistent no matter what activity you are engaged in. You can engage in high-octane sports without hesitations.

Transition Contacts

Transition lenses are quite popular among users of eye glasses. This technology allows the lenses to adapt to the changing lighting conditions automatically so people can depend on a single piece of eyewear instead of bringing several of these when going outside. They turn dark when it is bright outside and vice versa. Acuvue has developed similar technology for contact lenses. It is the first of its kind.

For Different Eye Conditions

Oasys Acuvue is available for different types of eye conditions including astigmatism and presbyopia. Consult with your doctor to check whether these are suitable for your eyes. Get a prescription for safety and see whether these improve your vision. Monitor how you feel and report back to your doctor.

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