The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has announced its new pedestrian-friendly on-street parking meter system. Parking System San Francisco allows meters to display available parking spots and charge users for each space right then and there. This system would reduce meter collection times by up to 40% during peak hours and possibly more in the future.

Update to Mechanical Parking System

This new system is an upgrade of the current mechanical parking meter. When a vehicle is parked in a designated space on a meter, a zone alarm goes off, signaling that another car is coming up behind. If the driver doesn’t move out of the way of the oncoming vehicle, the alarm will continue to sound until movement is made toward the on-ramp or curb. Depending on the type of meter system, the parking pad will move out when the car drives over a preset threshold. Once the pad reaches the end of its movement, the device will stop, and the sticker on the parking pad will turn red.

For motorists, the Parking System San Francisco offers a time-saving benefit. Drivers no longer have to move a car into space manually. Now all they have to do is put the car into reverse and push the start button on their dash. If the driver does not move the car into space, the device will reset itself and continue working as usual. Besides, drivers no longer have to wait at a meter to receive a parking ticket. All they need to do is swipe their parking ticket, and the system will electronically deduct the appropriate amount from their driving record.

Automobile insurance companies are also excited about the new parking plan. With today’s modern automobile safety features, any driver can be sure that their parking experience is much safer than before. Some of these features include automatic emergency lights, which are also known as “roof lights,” “headlights,” and “brake lights.” Emergency stop buttons incorporated into the parking can also help protect the driver in case of an emergency.

Another great benefit to the system is the fact that it can help to reduce traffic congestion. With a parking system, cars can be spotted far more quickly by security services and other drivers. It is much more difficult for an individual to leave their vehicle unattended in a parking lot. This makes parking a much safer activity for both drivers and security officials.

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