Pros And Cons Of Using A Phone App Builder

A phone app builder is an online development tool that lets the user create mobile phone apps quickly without having to write code or hire developers to do so. Normally this process takes weeks starting from the initial idea to wire-framing the prototype, designing the interface and conducting user experience analysis, testing and finalizing the app. It can be a long and complex process.

A phone app builder can cut down the cost and headaches when developing a mobile phone app. It enables people that have never written a single line of code to create a mobile app by simply dragging and dropping elements. Following are some of the benefits of this:

• The phone app can be created in a short period of time since the process mainly involves selecting features and app elements and organizing them on the screen using a drag and drop interface. Once feedback is received it is just as easy to make the required changes quickly.

• An app can be created without knowing a thing about programming, all the user needs to know is how to click and drag selected elements.

• It is an affordable and cost-effective solution since the only cost of building an app this way is paying a monthly subscription fee to use the application online. Normally, developing a phone app could cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 and up.

• There are a number of online app building tools available that you can choose from and are available for all three major mobile platforms: Android iOS, and Windows Phone.

Having said this, there are some downsides to using a phone app builder:

• You tend to be limited to generic mobile app styles; while there is range of mobile app types to select from they tend to be very ordinary compared to the latest mobile apps such as in their use of graphics, colouring and fonts.

• You can’t innovate fully since you are limited to a set of features that you can add to your app. One of the main disadvantages of using these services is that your app may look like all the other apps out there.

A phone app builder might not be the best option if you are aiming for a cutting edge mobile app. However if your need for functions and appearance are fairly generic then this is a great way of quickly prototyping a mobile phone app and getting it out there without the time, expense and hassles involved in the usual development process.

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