Protect Your Child With Infant Safety Hat

The fundamental thing to consider when choosing and buying hiking shoes is the quality of the material they are made of and how they are assembled. Particular attention must be paid to key details. On the other hand, an Infant Safety Hat provides adequate protection for children.

Upper: The upper is the upper part of the shoe and serves for the protection and support of the foot. This must have a height such that it does not hold the foot too tightly, but sufficient to contain it without it having an excessive movement that would cause erythema and blisters for rubbing. The upper can be waterproof to keep the skin dry even on excursions where crossings in fields with tall grass or streams are expected.

Sole: Trekking shoes must be able to tackle any terrain while maintaining stability, so the sole must be non-slip. Rubber is the material most used to make the soles of trekking shoes as it makes a good grip on the ground and does not slip even on wet or muddy paths. The hardness of the rubber gives it greater durability and makes it resistant to shocks.

Tongue: Often underestimated, the tongue of the shoes has its own precise and important function. Placed under the laces on the front, it prevents earth, stones, shrubs or other material from entering the shoes injuring the foot and disturbing the path. During the lacing of the shoes, it is necessary to check that the tongue is well pulled upwards and possibly secured with the appropriate hook in order to ensure maximum protection to the foot. The same applies to the Infant Safety Hat, which protects the child’s head.

Strings: The laces or strings, are fundamental for a good support and functionality of the shoe during the journey. Thanks to these accessories the shoes remain well closed and tight around the foot and ankle protecting them from sprains and inflammations. Facing a path with shoes that are loose or not well closed creates many problems for the foot and joints as well as risking that the shoe is filled with stones and earth, preventing a peaceful and safe journey.

Lining and padding: Two essential elements in footwear for long walks, they serve to ensure comfort of the foot and ankle and protect them. There are shoes with foam padding, very resistant to impact or the classic foam rubber, which act as a protective pad and keep the foot in the correct position.

Insole: The insole, or footbed, is the inner part of the shoe on which the foot rests. From this we understand how important its function is. The sole must be fixed in the shoe as it would lose its function and disturb the path as it moves.

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