Reasons To Get Interview Transcription Services

Interviews are excellent tools to use when you wish to clarify a certain issue, solicit expert opinion, or learn more about an individual. Nothing is quite as engaging as a conversation between two people if handled well. We are fascinated by what celebrities, athletes, politicians, businessmen, and professionals have to say. Reporters chase them to get answers to burning questions. Sometimes sit-down interviews are arranged to provide a more comfortable environment and a longer timeframe for questions. Afterwards, it is often wise to get interview transcription services for a text version of the conversation. These transcripts can be used for the following:

Improve Video Engagement

No interview is perfect. Sometimes the audio is unclear so you can’t make out the words. The interviewer or interviewee may have an unfamiliar accent that is difficult to understand. They might talk too fast or include technical terms that most people are not aware of. Some of the viewers might be disabled when it comes to their hearing. With interview transcription services, the impact of all of these issues can be minimized. People can see the exact words said to reduce misunderstandings. Technical terms, names, and references will be easier to understand. Engagement will be better as a result.

Boost Site Traffic

Sites that wish to improve site traffic can post videos with their transcripts. With the content written in plain text, it will be easier for the search spiders to find and index the pages. There is a high likelihood that the page will rank well in the search results which should lead to more incoming traffic. This will be an organic growth due to relevant and useful content so it is more likely to stick compared to the traffic generated through advertising. Other on-page and off-page optimizations should be performed as well.

Increase Editing Efficiency

Video editors will often be given a large amount of footage to sift through. Their job is to sift through these and find the gems that should make it to the final cut. Once they have viewed everything, they should have a rough idea where the best parts can be sourced. This is not enough, however, as the final cut requires split-second accuracy for seamless transitions. With the transcriptions, they easily search through the footages and get to the part they want using minimal resources. Editing can proceed faster.

Interview transcription services are invaluable when dealing with videos.

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