High-density parking systems are becoming a requirement in urban spaces. With property prices at a premium, establishments need to pack more cars in smaller areas. This can lead to a lot of accidents if not planned carefully. That is why they are now resorting to new automated solutions that defy traditional models. Instead of having the drivers maneuver around a parking lot, businesses are creating car stackers to solve the problem. With this type of equipment, several cars can share the same footprint so that the property gets maximized to the fullest. Consider the following when selecting car stacker Miami models:


How many cars do you expect to host in the system? Do you want to double your current capacity? Do you want to triple or quadruple it? There are models that can stack one car on top of another. There are also models that go up to three or four levels. The higher you go, the more you will spend on equipment acquisition. However, this may be worth it as you can accommodate more paying guests.


Consider the flexibility of the systems you acquire. What are the dimensions of each platform? Are you able to adjust the length, width, and height? The maximum limits are crucial as they determine the types of vehicles you can allow into the parking spaces. You should print these out and have them posted on the gate for the information of the motorists. You can go lower to fit even more cars or to ensure that the system perfectly fits into the lot. You can also assign certain sections for small cars and others for bigger cars.


Determine the load capacity of the system by reading the specifications. Make sure that no cars exceed this limit or else there might be safety issues later on. For example, the load may be rated at 6,000 lbs or less. This would be enough for compact cars and sedans but it may be too low for light trucks and SUVs.


Safety is of utmost importance as accidents can ruin the reputation of a business and result in costly litigation. If you are going to use this kind of system, then see what safety mechanisms are in place. Has the system passed the relevant tests? Are there safety locks in place? Are there measures to break falls when the primary locks fail? Are there sprinklers and other fire safety devices?

If you need more information, talk to a car stacker Miami supplier.

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