Shark Vs Dyson Vaccum Debate: Which Side Are You On?

The Shark vs Dyson vacuum debate has been like going on forever. Will it ever end? It’s all about the vacuum cleaner as both parties try to get to the finish line with seemingly opposing approaches to customer satisfaction.

The Dyson people are definitely technology-driven. They stop at nothing to push the envelope. But sometimes, in their relentless quest for perfection, they may be losing sight of what customers truly want.

This happens to many big companies. So this is definitely a lesson for all the businesses big and small out there. Some management gurus have even developed a term to counter the blind spot. It’s called stick to the knitting.

No one is exempt from the N Ach virus. The need for achievement can blind even the most forward-thinking, technology-driven companies. Case in point: In blind studies, many consumers indicated that as far as vacs are concerned, the machine that can suction with enough power at the right price is already acceptable.

If so, companies should really spend less time trying to up the ante and more time trying to determine just what it is the consumer wants. After all, satisfying a customer isn’t about what the company wants.

Therefore, if a company just sticks to the knitting and tries to do what it does best for the customer, that would be managing expectations in a responsible manner. However, doing such isn’t enough to satisfy both sides of the equation. For while one firm has its eyes set on residential consumers, the other may have its focus on industrial or commercial users of vac machines.

So clearly, what we have here are two corporations that are just trying to satisfy their respective clientele. Are they competing under the same terms? Clearly, no.

However, they’re doing what’s right for their respective customer base. To sum up, one is just trying to live up to customer expectations. The other is attempting to go above and beyond expectations because that is clearly what enterprises want–the world is not enough.

And that concludes the Shark vs Dyson vacuum debate. Both companies are doing the right things for a customer base that is different from the other. So long as enterprises are responding to their markets in the proper manner, it’s all good. All is well in the industry.

This is the essence of the customer is king rationale. It’s not about knowing oneself, it’s about knowing full well who you are doing business with.

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