Many motorists want to take care of their car effortlessly and at low cost: a car however needs constant care and thorough cleaning at least twice a year. Those who love cars really tend to take care of their vehicle very often, but what not everyone knows is that carwash or expensive products are not always necessary.

A vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth are the best allies to clean the interior of your car. The market knows innumerable products, created specifically for the cleaning of the upholstery or interior, but many of them are chemical and rather expensive: they not only ruin the environment but also our wallet. Many seats are not able to absorb an aggressive detergent: for cleaning we recommend using a shampoo for delicate hair diluted with a little water. Brush the stains carefully and with little pressure, and immediately remove the remaining liquid thoroughly.

Pay particular attention to milk stains: first of all carefully aspirate with a special dry vacuum cleaner in the filling station. For cleaning it uses only cold water – since the milk is stirred in warm water – and gently rubs on the stain. Against the bad smell you can use the diluted vinegar. Singapore Car Battery Replacements are also vital.

There are several home remedies that are a great help to combat the bad smells inside the car. For the neutralization of odors you can place a cup of coffee beans in your car overnight: coffee absorbs moisture and neutralizes unpleasant odors. Effective as much as coffee is also rice and flour.

Thorough cleaning of the air conditioning and ventilation system. Narrow cracks like those on the air conditioner are often a problem when cleaning the interior of a car. Removing dust with a normal rag is almost impossible: use a foam brush – preferably a narrow model – to get inside the ventilation system slots.

Home remedies for cleaning leather seats. There are very different opinions on the most effective leather seat cleaner, especially among car enthusiasts. It is no coincidence that the cleaning of leather fabrics is one of the most demanding aspects of car care, including Singapore Car Battery Replacements.

If you want your leather seats to stay soft, elastic and clean longer, you should take care of them at half-yearly intervals. Many rely on home remedies such as dishwashing detergents, baby lotions, olive oil or castor oil; retailers offer a wide range of products for the care of every type of fabric and color. Be sure to brush the leather seats thoroughly before applying the product you have chosen; use a little water and a cotton cloth, and dry the skin with care as soon as you can.

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