The Advantages Of Steel Frame Kit Homes

When choosing a kit home, one of the first things you need to decide on is the type of framing material you want. Steel and wood are the most common options with both having their own distinct advantages. The following characteristics have drawn people to steel frame kit homes:

Termite Resistant

Wood provides a warm and charming traditional look but it is prone to damage in a lot of ways. For instance, it attracts termites that feast on its fibers and makes the frames their own homes. This is not only unsightly. The termites weaken the structure which can lead to a collapse if left unchecked. The termites can also spread out and affect the furniture unless they are eliminated. For many, this is a headache that they would rather do without. Steel is pest-proof since it is too hard for insects to chew on.


Nothing is as damaging to a house as a fire. Flames can quickly consume an entire structure within minutes so using non-combustible materials is advisable. Wood is unfortunately one of those materials that encourage combustion so it is not the ideal framing if you are concerned about fires. Opt for steel instead and have peace of mind. It is non-combustible and it has a high melting point so it will not just get destroyed even if subjected to extreme heat. The structure is more likely to survive in such an event.

Higher Load Capacity

Steel is also much stronger than wood. You don’t need it to be so thick so the frame can be easily hidden within the walls and ceilings. It even has a high load capacity so it is possible to build multi-level homes with confidence with this material. It opens up greater possibilities when it comes to the floor plan as pillars can be spaced wider apart. If you like open concept floor plans, then this is the way to go.

Cheaper Price

Even with all of these advantages, you can get steel frame kit homes at a lower price compared to wooden frames. That is the icing on the cake for most people. If you are trying to cut costs without compromising quality, then this is the way to go. You can be certain of the kit home’s longevity and reliability through the years. You can customize the design with greater flexibility.

Steel is an excellent choice for framing so do not hesitate to get kit homes with this type of material.

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