The Allure Of Teach English In Vietnam Programs

Graduating from college is a major milestone that is as exciting as it is frightening. After all, you are about to leave four years or so of routine, friends, and a familiar environment. You will need to go out into the “real world” which you may or may not be ready to tackle. You could jump ahead right away or find other things to occupy you time while you think about your future.

For example, fresh graduates can look into “teach English in Vietnam programs“. There are similar ones all around the world, though this type of job is particularly popular around the Southeast Asian region. Here are some of the things that make these programs enticing:

Travel Opportunities

Lots of backpackers travel to the region to explore exotic locations, try the local dishes, experience the cultures, and so on. By holding a teach English in Vietnam programs , you will be paid to stay here instead of simply emptying your bank account to have an adventure. This makes travel a more sustainable activity. Salaries may not be as high as in the West but the cost of living is also low. You can go around Vietnam and nearby countries during your free time. You will not run out of places to visit even if you stay for a year or more given the diversity and size of Southeast Asia. It’s a great way to see the world and is definitely more stimulating than staying in an office cubicle all day.

Making a Difference

As an English teacher with a different background, you have a chance to make a big impact on the lives of the people that you will interact with. The children can learn much from you, as you will no doubt learn much from them. Open their eyes to different ways of thinking and try to understand their way of life as well. Build lasting friendships based on mutual respect and enrich your life in the process. As an educator, seek out the best ways that you can help out the communities.

Solid Teaching Credential

If you are thinking of your long-term prospects, then consider this as a solid teaching credential. It is a great thing to add on your resume whether or not you continue to serve in the academe or not. For example, you may move on to another country to teach there on the strength of your Vietnam experience. You could also return home and apply for your dream job. This is will still be an interesting talking point with the hiring manager as you can present yourself as a more well-rounded person who can contribute to the company, just like you contributed to the communities.

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