Different types of footwear have been developed around the world even before the advent of modern factories. People had to walk long distances in the past, after all, since vehicles did not exist and horses were scarce. They had to find ways to keep their feet comfortable while staying light and fast. For the Mexican ancestors, the solution was the huarache sandals. The originals are thought to be made with leather throughout. Succeeding designs began to use woven string, old tires, or thin wood for the soles. The uppers also became more elaborate thanks to the work of talented craftsmen.

The Hippie Trend

Huaraches were commonly used even before the Europeans settled in the Americas. They continued to be popular in different parts of Mexico for hundreds of years before it achieved global appeal. In the 1930s, farmers began using tire rubber for the soles for a cheap and easy alternative to leather — a case of the US automotive industry influencing a classic. More people wore it as a work footwear. It was in the 1960s when the sandals made its way to the US culture as the hippies made it part of their aesthetic. It has not left US consciousness since then.

Minimalist Running

Huaraches got a revival in interest when the idea of minimalist running burst into the mainstream. A book was published describing indigenous Mexican runners who went barefoot of used sandals to cover long distances. They did not run to lose weight or complete in major events. It was simply their way of life. Many started to emulate their style by running barefoot as well while others used the sandals to have a bit of cushion from sharp objects while keeping the sense of freedom. Shoe manufacturers even made minimalist shoes with barely there soles.

Design Evolution

These days, there are countless designs to choose from if you are in the market for a nice pair. You can be as minimalist or as flashy as you want. You can find them in different colors to suit your outfits. For example, you can get white or brown huarache sandals for a classic look. Some have ornate uppers made from high quality woven leather to cover the top of the feet while still keeping the toes free to move. Meanwhile, others have nothing but a braided string that goes around the toes to keep the feet in place.

Brown huaraches sandals are great options for footwear with a classic appeal.

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