The Importance Of Medico Legal Assessments

Medico Legal Assessments are used in cases where the medical health status of an employee is in dispute and needs to be settled in a court of law or arbitration.

To have an acceptable and unbiased opinion of and medical cases relating to long or short term disability, occupational injury, and or occupational diseases this Medico Legal Assessments (MLAs) can and will provide a legal medical evaluation.

It also acts as the perfect situation where the employer wants to question an employee’s absenteeism due to the illness or injury that can be answered by a medical professional such as a physician, who usually handles these cases.

Questions that may be asked and answered are:

• Assessments of any limitations on employees’ present or future functionality
• Assessing and employees mental and physical integrity and or impairment
• Dates can be consolidated or justified relating to absenteeism
• Evaluation for cost-sharing as per personal pre-existing conditions and the new work relating injury and or illness
• Motivations can be worked out, on whether the employee can and then return to normal duties
• Possibilities of alternative work as ins simple tasks as an alternative whether permanent or temporary
• The relevance of treatments vs. absenteeism and or slow work performance
• Verification of the Diagnosis


Trained medical professionals, do all these cases coordinated for MLA’s, almost always a retired physician, that are specifically trained and studied the occupational health sector so that they can assist in the whole procedure giving you the backing of not only a legal representative but medical professional all in one.

With this approach, you can get a customized approach to your unique and individual case, which was adapted for you and only you.

With the support of your Medico-Legal team, all decision can be made timely and all follow-ups on your file can be warranted and approved legally and medically, without reproach, offering:

•ADVICE AND SUPPORT: for all MLA’s from the initial request to the settlement

•SUPPORT: in getting all relevant medical info to the MLA physician

•VERIFICATION: of all files and documents before being sent to the MLA physician

•SUPPORT: with any information or questions following the assessment by the MLA physician

•PRELIMINARY REPORT: can be supplied to the employee or employer on request via email or fax

•REVISION: if any follow-up assessments are needed and any recommendations

•FINAL REPORT: Will be handled with efficiency and speed that is expected by the requester

•SUPPORT AND ADVICE: for any further absenteeism management, any claims concerning occupational injury claims and the implementation of any work relating issues that might arise because of the whole case

You will also have access via the MLA’s to a supplementary report and expert witnesses if the case ends up in a court of law and or arbitration.

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