Tips For Choosing The Best Pole Dancing Shoes

Buying shoes for pole dancing can be overwhelming as one wonders where to buy from, what shoes are suitable, and which online shop is reputable. There are several things to consider while selecting the pole dancing shoes. The shoes need to have lightweight, fit true to size; they have to be extremely comfortable and made very well. Before looking at the tips for best pole dancing shoes, let us examine what pole dancing shoes are.

What Are Pole Dancing Shoes?

Pole dancing shoes are made of a material that sticks on the pole and can be with or without the ankle strap. They are platform shoes with a high heel that ranges from 3inches to 10inches. The height of the platform is proportional to the heel height making the shows easy to walk in. They are also referred to as stripper’s shoes, sexy platform heels, and lap dancing shoes; therefore, if you are searching and are unable to get them, perhaps on the online shop, you can use any alternative names. You can use the below tips to choose your shoes;

Heel and Platform Size

The first concern is, will I be able to stand, walk, and dance in the high platform shoes? Fear not, for it is much easier than it seems. This is because sexy high heeled shoes have a 1.5inch platform, which makes a 6inch pump be only 3.5inch high. The platform, therefore, decreases the amount of heel on the shoe. The heels are thicker, making it easy to balance. Better quality pole shoes are usually padded hence more comfortable than party shoes. If you are not used to high heels, it is recommended to start with 6inch as opposed to 8inch shoes.

What Style of Shoe to Buy

You need to know how much coverage you would prefer and the grip you would like on the pole. Pole shoes have several styles available, for instance, Mary-Jane, sexy sandals, dolly court, open waisted, peep toe, slingback, and ankle strap shoes, to mention but a few. Slingback shoes or Mary-Jane pumps are the best for the new users. Mary-Jane shoes cover most of the foot, giving you a better grip to climb the pole.

What Colors and Designs are Available

Pole shoes are available in a variety of colors commonly black, red, pink, yellow, white, or green. Some do have flashing heels or sole. You may also consider buying shoes which have different design of the platform. Some shoes have the same color for the top of the shoe and platform, so it looks like there is no platform. Others are designed to have hollow platforms, which some have hidden compartments in the platform to store keys and money. All of these will give a variety of shoes and not just one design.

There is an added advantage in wearing big shoes for dancing, the main one being you get higher on the pole quicker. When inverting, you can perform at a great height since you will use less strength to pull up.

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