People shop for rugs online for several reasons. Firstly, it gives them access to a wider range of carpets that they would find in a local store. Next, online stores offer better prices and discounts that one could imagine to find elsewhere. And finally, when you shop online you can choose from a range of fabrics, including jute, cotton, wool and synthetic fibers.

Measurements Must Come First

Before you are ready to consider rugs online, you must know the size you are looking for. Without this very basic detail, you may fall in love with the perfect carpet that may not suit the dimensions of your room. Instead of simply considering the size of the room, you must measure the area you intend to place the rug.

Making the Right Choice

For centuries people across the world have been weaving carpets to place in their homes. Today, you can choose from those made with natural fibers such as cotton, jute, silk, and wool. Cotton and jute ones are easier to maintain and are less expensive than the woolen and silken kind. While silk rugs look rich and are beautiful. They are also quite delicate, and should ideally be placed in parts of the home that receive less foot traffic.

You could also opt for a rug one made with synthetic fibers. It would be cheaper than the other alternatives, and also easier to clean and maintain. If you choose to buy one, you should ideally air it for a while as it may smell of chemicals.

Practical Considerations

When you shop for rugs online, you will come across words such as needle and line count, and pile. Do take the time to make an informed choice. For instance, a rug that has deep pile would be soft, and its fibers will be long. It will also require more effort to clean. In contrast, if the pile is low, the carpet will feel less plush but will be easier to vacuum. A line count refers to the knots in every square inch of the woven surface. An average rug has about 300 to 400 knots. Handwoven carpets, which are quite expensive, may have as many as 6,000 intricate knots in that same area.

Buying from the Right Store

Do consider the rugs that are offered on several online stores, before you are ready to make a final choice. Pay keen attention to the details offered by the manufacturer. Other issues to bear in mind include the shipping and return policy. It would also be wise to read a few customer reviews, to gain an understanding of how satisfied customers were with their purchase.

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