Tips To Hiring Catering Trucks For Your Florida Event

Food trucks add function and fun to any event or festival. The food truck/s will usually drive in your venue, prep for a minute or two and open windows for business. Afterwards, the truck drives away without ever having stepped foot in your kitchen.


One of the first things to consider before hiring catering trucks in Florida is budget.You’ll need to determine how much you are willing and able to spend on the service before you head out to look for a caterer. This will not only help you figure out which services you can afford but will also make it easy for the caterer to tailor their services to suit your individual needs.

License and Insurance

Finding a catering truck for your event shouldn’t be difficult in Florida as there are many companies to choose from. These companies specialize in all kinds of events and will make sure everyone is well fed at the end of the day.

Choosing catering trucks Florida services isn’t as straightforward as most people would expect. This is because in addition to providing good meals, food catering truck companies need to meet certain requirements before they can be deemed reliable.

For starters, a food catering truck company should be licensed and insured. This is one way of telling whether you are working with a professional since food truck companies need adhere to certain regulations before they are allowed to operate. If you are unsure about the license provided, you can use local licensing authorities to check the license number and see whether it is up-to-date.

Number of Food Trucks Needed

It is important to note that one food truck is able to cater to up to 120 people within a two a hour period. Dependng on the number of guests attending your event, you can choose to hire one or more food trucks.

Menu Options

Food trucks will either specialize in a certain type of meal or simply serve the type of food you require. It will be up to you decide what meals you want served and how much it will cost you. Events such as fundraisers will charge an entrance fee which can be used for catering expenses. Other events will require that the guests buy their own food from food trucks. Either way, you’ll find the service quite reliable.


It is important that you ensure there is enough space for the food trucks in your venue. Figure out the best place to park each truck, taking into consideration the fact that guest will need to line up for food and proper table setting to enjoy their meals on.

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