‘Lifestyle blog’ are two fairly vague words. When someone says, ‘food blog’ or ‘tech blog’, it’s not that difficult to guess what the blog would cover. But that’s not so with a “lifestyle blog”. Basically, lifestyle blogs are generic compared to health or fashion blogs, for instance. Explaining to others what exactly the blog would talk about can be quite complex. In fact, two people could start lifestyle blogs of their own and may end up talking about things completely different from each other. So, before we start learning how to start a lifestyle blog, it’s important you understand what a lifestyle blog truly is.

General Definition

Lifestyle blogs usually revolve around the lifestyle the blogger is knowledgeable and/or passionate about. In other words, they have an authoritative voice in the domain and have several things to say about it. This means lifestyle bloggers invariably talk about their hobbies or personal interests, and they get to make money for saying what they are passionate about.

Tips and Ideas to Get Started

If you are considering starting a lifestyle blog of your own, begin by thinking what constitutes you. There are several thousand lifestyle blogs floating on the Internet, but not all of them are successful. The blogs that are doing well are unique and have a voice of their own.

Think about your life, your hobbies and passions, your social life, family, etc. to come up with an idea. For instance, you could be an individual who is extremely passionate about a no wastage lifestyle. You could be so into it that you would have pulled in your family into it as well. This could be your blog’s topic.

You may blog about things that led to your transition, waste reduction tips, how you got your family involved, composting advice, tips to use less plastic, etc. When your blog is about something you are passionate about, you would never run short of topics to write on for the blog.

If you still need some specific ideas for a lifestyle blog, see whether the following topics pique your interest:

• Vegan living
• Solo travel
• Rural life
• DIY projects
• Single mum life
• Home gardening
• Street fashion
• Martial arts
• Saving money and budgeting
• Environmental protection

Do not choose a topic that’s in trend or other bloggers are making a fortune out of it. It’s important you are passionate about the topic or are at least interested in it to learn more about it. Otherwise, you would run out of juice or will not feel motivated enough to blog after some time.

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