Top Tell-Tale Signs Of A Dying Car Battery That You Should Be Aware Of

A vehicle is made up of so many complex components and parts that it is easy to forget one of the most important part/component: the battery. When it is dead, you can’t start the engine or use any electrical component in the vehicle. If you live in Singapore, a 24 hour car battery service is easy to find. Remember that a dead car battery can not only damage your vehicle but also put you in danger. Imagine your vehicle stalling in heavy traffic or in the middle of nowhere, far away from civilization. Thus, it is judicial to be aware of the signs that may sound the death-knell of your battery for early replacement.

1. An On Engine Light

When the engine light is on, most probably it means that something somewhere is not right. While it can be anything, the battery may be the culprit. Contact your mechanic for testing of battery to ensure that there is no problem with it. If it is not working the way it should, consider replacing it immediately.

2. Electrical Problems

One of the main functions of your car battery is powering all electrical devices, including your car’s radio or music system, dashboard computer, and lights. Inability to run all the devices means that your battery is nearing its end. The only solution is a replacement.

3. Corrosion

If you notice corrosion on any of your battery’s metal parts, there is damage. It is easy to know when your battery has been corroded. You will see an ashy deposit on the connectors. You will also experience problems in starting your car.

4. Repulsive Smell

If you raise your vehicles hood and are accosted by a disgusting smell, something maybe wrong with the battery. Most likely, it is gas leakage caused by an electrical short inside it or any other form of damage. Get a mechanic to check it and replace it if you need to do so.


The battery may be a small part of your vehicle but it gives life to it. Irrespective of how efficient all other parts are, a dead car battery means that your vehicle is also dead. Keep in mind that there are many signs of a dying car battery and the above list can be said to be only a tip of the iceberg. If you battery is old it is time to look for reputable 24 hour car battery service providers. Remember, while the lifespan of a car battery is determined by driving habits, electronic use and climate, a batter should serve you optimally for about four years.

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