Top Tips for Choosing the Best Digital Embroidery Patterns

Sewing machines have been around for several centuries, and their modern cousins, embroidery machines, have now been around for decades. However, the newer generations of these machines take advantage of computerized technology to offer the ability to craft high-quality, hugely attractive embroidered items with relative ease.

The learning curve involved in making the best use of an embroidery machine is not as steep as some people fear before they try it out, meaning that the machines can be used for small-scale production and personal hobby use.

Mastering the machine is one thing however, the next is actually finding the patterns to create your designs. Head out onto the Internet and you will quickly find that there are a large number of companies, websites, and resources that offer digital embroidery patterns. So how do you decide which are the best for you to invest in? Here a few tips:


If you are only looking for a downloadable embroidery pattern in order to craft a few t-shirts for your local crafter’s group, or for your kid’s softball team you may not think you need to worry about things like licensing. Unfortunately, you do, as these uses can be legally construed as commercial, and so if you use a design without permission it could land you in serious hot water. To protect yourself, always make sure that the design you purchase is fully licensed for commercial use.


At the end of the day embroidery is about creating something beautiful, whether that means adding a mermaid to a t-shirt, crafting a gorgeous image for framing or one of the hundreds of other projects you can undertake with an embroidery machine.

That beauty begins with the pattern, and the more original and unique the better. Seek out patterns that are offered by individual artists and artists coops rather than mass-produced designs and you are far more likely to be able to create something really special.

Great Support

You purchased and downloaded your embroidery pattern, but now you need to do so again, to share with your crafter’s group perhaps. Some embroidery pattern vendors won’t actually let you do that though, which can be very frustrating. To avoid that look for an embroidery pattern seller that offers unlimited downloads after purchase.

Having a way to ask questions before you purchase embroidery machine designs is another plus. It’s not always clear if a pattern is going to be suited for your use (especially when it comes to machine compatibility) so having a CS rep available to help you figure things out is another real plus.

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