Office chairs have come a long way from the dark, wooden seats your grandmother probably sat on at her desk. In recent years, many advancements have been made to bring this furniture into the 21st century with sturdier construction, ergonomic designs, and an assortment of upholstery choices.

Although there are hundreds of different modern office chairs available, there are two distinct types: task/computer and executive. Task chairs often more closely resemble traditional seating with a backrest and armrests, while executive models tend to be sleeker and less bulky. A good choice will depend on your personal preferences, but it’s always best to get something that fits your body type for maximum comfort. Here’s a rundown on each type of office chair:

  1. Task/Computer Chairs
    If you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, even if it’s not for work, chances are you need an ergonomic office chair, and the best task chairs provide that kind of support. These models typically have headrest pillows and low backrests that provide lumbar and cervical support — two areas where many people experience aches and pains due to prolonged sitting. They also tend to come with padded armrests for wrist comfort as well as adjustable height settings, seat pan angles, tilt functions, etc. The more bells-and-whistles your chair has, the higher its price tag will be, but there are still some affordable options on the market.
  2. Executive Chairs
    Executive office chairs are the seats that you see in TV shows and movies. They have a strong, sleek appearance that can add an air of sophistication to almost any room. These types of modern office chairs are usually built with padded armrests for comfort, contoured seat pans designed to relieve pressure on your legs while sitting, plus adjustable height settings and tilt functions. The biggest drawback with this type of chair is the price; these luxury pieces come at a much higher cost than task models or stacking/meeting chairs which both offer great support as well.
  3. Stacking Chairs / Meeting Room Chairs
    Although not technically office chairs (stacking and meeting room chairs can work well in an office environment), these types of seats are often used in an office setting, so they’re included here for your convenience. If budget is a primary concern, stacking chairs and meeting room chairs with padded arms provide the same kind of comfort as task models at a fraction of the cost. They also can be stacked together to save floor space when not in use — perfect for offices that utilize shared workspaces.
  4. Mesh Office Chairs
    Mesh office chairs with breathable backs and adjustable heights were designed with hot and humid climates in mind since they promote airflow and help to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day.

In conclusion, there are many types of modern office chairs available, and it’s up to you to pick the one that best suits your personal preferences and needs.

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