People wear a watch not just to tell the time. Watches make style statements too – more so in the case of women’s watches. For women, a watch is a major fashion accessory or piece of jewelry. There are different styles of watches for women. The options for women (not surprisingly) are much greater compared to what’s on offer for men. If you are a man and out there wanting to buy a watch for your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, etc., it’s important you know the style choices there are at your disposal.

Bracelet Watches

If a woman cannot decide between wearing a bracelet or watch, a bracelet watch works as the perfect bridge. Blending function with fashion, bracelet watches come with a jewelry-style strap that could range from dangling charms to polished bangles, offering the wearer a taste of both worlds.

Two-Tone Watches

Two-tone watches with their cool and warm metal tones create a style statement that’s casual and elegant at the same time. This versatile watch can be worn to the gym or within professional settings, such as an office. Moreover, a two-tone watch would go well with the jewelry that most women wear, making it a lot more practical.

Wrap Watches

Wraparound watches are a notch above classic watchbands. They come with extra-long bands which overlap a woman’s wrist, creating a layered appearance. Available in a range of materials – such as casual leather and glittery stones – these wraparound watches help strike the right balance between style and function.

Floral Watches

Fashion inspired by the garden is a lot in trend. Watches for women bucking the trend too. Whether you are heading to work or hitting nightclubs, floral women’s watches instantly add the ‘cool’ factor to any attire or look. Flower-embossed dials and floral-print bands offer these feminine timepieces a flirty finish.

Boyfriend Watches

Chunky and oversized, “boyfriend” watches offer a bolder look to feminine wrists. The big-faced timepiece takes a page from men’s watches, seamlessly blending class with confidence. Brimming with attitude and class, these gender-bending watches stand out from regular women’s watches.

Skeleton Watches

Skeleton watches are usually identified with men. But then luxury watchmakers are making feminine variants of these classic timepieces as well. These watches come with an exposed dial, showcasing the piece’s mechanics and inner gears. Women who would like to know more about how their watches work, skeleton watches would suit them well.

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