As per the advent of valentines day and the status of owning the best hand-designed most intricate Limoge boxes going through a period where it coincided with each other for a long time, the Valentines Day Limoge Box jumped from a small personal gift to a loved one to “THE GIFT IDEA TO SHOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVED THAT SOMEONE”. As per most fashion and jewelry designs that are started in the aristocracy or rich clients are forced onto the market of the normal person because of who they are, this Valentine gift skyrocketed to the top of the “MUST HAVE LIST”.

The one of the most special reasons it kicked off as a best seller for the makers of these boxes was the fact that making anything for valentines was a much easier task than any of other designs, as the majority of it mostly had to contain or be in the shape of a heart.

Even those clients that wanted a very personal box for valentines, demands were never as overboard, as say one that has to be made to depict as war veterans glory days in battle.

They still had the use of their regular materials but because of the love it symbolizes in Valentine’s gifts more precious jewels and materials were used.

The use of Gold, Diamonds and even Rubies were the most famous of the items used and because most Limoges Box makers were experienced jewelers as well, this posed little or no problems when making them.

The only obvious problem the Limoge Box makers had was that all heart shapes is the same and to add changes to make it unique, as most aristocracies wanted a one of a kind unique box, so they were pushed to the design limits to not use the same design twice and that’s, where the red rose, came in, which till today is also a symbol and sign of love.

Orders for these boxes always comes in just after Christmas times when the makers were done with their Xmas gifts and now had to start on the Valentines day limoge box as the intricateness and work of art does not happen overnight and especially some that changed the ideas even while the maker is busy doing something they wanted in the first place and now keep changing their minds

Because money was in high demand the artists back then had to do what they were told no matter what as it was the only way they got paid for their hard work.

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