Want To Start A Computer Repair Business? Here Are The 3 Pillars Of Success

You are a computer guru. Fixing a computer and making it operational after a near-death experience is what you were built for. You have the technical skills to counter malware, viruses and a host of other computer issues. Now that you know your area of calling, you want to make an income from it. We couldn’t be happier for you.

But first, do you know the business side of opening a computer repair business? Can you market your services well? How about your finances? Can you put them in place once the business is up and running?

Having excellent computer repair skills is great but doing business requires so much more than that. Lucky for you, here is a simple guide to help you get started.

1. A Business Plan

Before you dip your feet in the water, you want to draft a killer business plan for it is what will give you the success you want. A business plan helps you structure your business both from its beginning stages to the future. While at it, be sure to include the following details:

• Services offered
• Your target customers
• Your business structure
• How you plan to finance the business
• The competitive landscape
• Budget projections
• Marketing strategy
• Location of the business

2. Financing your business

Let no one lie to you; a business computer repairs enterprise needs money to set up and run. You will need to pay rent, utility bills, registration fees, and employees (if any), buy equipment, and so much more. There are many financing options on the table for you including investors, bank loans, community organization loans, crowdfunding, using credit cards, and borrowing money from family and friends. The rule of thumb here is to minimize the amount of borrowed money in the beginning. You don’t want to run a business with the main focus being debt repayment rather than making a profit.

3. Pricing

This is always the toughest bit for upcoming computer repair companies. When you charge too low, you not only attract clients that want cheap services but it makes it quite difficult to revise your prices in the future. On the other hand, when you cannot charge too high because you are trying to build trust and confidence with your client base. To be on the safe side, research the market rates for other business computer repairs shops in your locality and keep at par with them. Always keep in mind that you need to charge enough to cater to your bills.

So there you have it; the tips and tricks for running a successful computer repairs business. Even after following every rule on the book, remember, success doesn’t come overnight; it takes time, commitment, persistence, consistency, and effort. Don’t ever forget this!

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