Wedding Entertainment: A Band Or A DJ?

Your wedding is coming up and for some reason, you can’t decide whether you want to hire a DJ or a band as part of the entertainment for the big day. Well, rest assured you’ve got company as this is one of the most common concerns among brides and grooms (mostly brides). Although we don’t promise to make the decision for you, we will try and help you compare and contrast both scenarios.

Here are some of the things to consider before making the decision of whether to hire a wedding band or a DJ to play your wedding tunes.

A Wedding Band


• Extreme fun and excitement: Sydney wedding bands for hire excite crowds through amazing performances, interaction with guests, and general mastery of their game.

• They can come with a DJ. Assuming you want a feel of both a DJ and a wedding band, you can hire a band that offers a wholesome entertainment solution including a DJ to entertain your guests when the band is on a break.

• Adaptable: Unlike a DJ, a wedding band can read the mood in the room and switch their game accordingly. They can smoothly adjust from one song to another without any awkward silences.


• Cost: It is no secret; wedding bands for hire in Sydney are anything but cheap especially if you are hoping to have them sing until your last guest leaves the room.

• Less variety: Bands specialize in certain types of music which can limit your playlist.

• They need more space: A wedding band needs enough room to accommodate all the band members and their instruments.



• More music variety: A DJ can play tunes depending on your personal style and the mood of your guests.

• Less space: A DJ can set up in one corner of the room and can move from one place to another with relative ease.

• Few or no breaks: Your guests will be entertained even when a DJ steps out to go and eat or visit the washroom.


• It can lead to boredom: A DJ lacks the ability to engage the type of guests who would rather sit and look around than hit the dance floor.

• Personality differences: If you fall for a DJ who doesn’t understand what you are looking for, you can regret for the rest of your life.

Whether you go for a DJ or a band, don’t forget to have as much fun on your wedding day as possible. It comes and goes in a flash; live in the moment!

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