What Are The Startup Costs For A Computer Repair Shop?

So many people have access to computers nowadays. The devices are virtually everywhere. You’ll find them at home, in the workplaces, in schools, among other places. The reality is that these devices are bound to fail at one point. This means that there are opportunities for computer repair experts. In fact, you will have a large target market beyond personal PC owners considering that many home businesses or SMEs do not have established IT departments and tend to rely on contracts with freelancers or outside vendors. So, if you have computer repair skills, all you need to start making a financial kill is a work station. A computer repair shop costs money to open. Here are the basics you need to know before you start:


You need a shop that’s strategically located to be your work station. You’ll need to pay rent and it recursmonthly. The cost varies from place to place but you may spend about $200.


For starters, you need to invest in a Website hosting service. On average, it’ll cost you $4.95 per month. You also need to invest in business cards that you can issue to your clients. Depending on the volume, it’ll cost you $120-$300. You also need to consider other advertisement options like flyers, banners, and social media.


You need supplies to fix the computers that are brought for repair. The first supplies are computer components like mice, keyboards, and other computer hardware. They make a great part of your stock. The cost of the stock depends on how much money you are willing to spare. You also need to put some money aside for your working tools and office items like furniture, a printer, and an office phone.

Legal Costs

Legally, you’ll need to hire a tax accountant to assess your financials and explain your tax obligations. Such an expert will cost you around $100.

Other costs

Extra costs to consider include the cost of business forms, insurance, and license. Business forms may cost you about $60 while the cost of insurance depends on the policy provider. For the license, you’ll have to inquire from your local authority. Additionally, you need to set some money aside to keep you running as you wait for your computer shop to pick.


Generally, so many costs come into play before you can start up a computer repair shop. The above costs are an estimation of what you can expect to incur. So, they may change depending on where you want to start your computer repair business.

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